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4.7% alcohol

La Messagère is a limpid and a crystalline pale ale. Its fine bubbles give it a delicate effervescence. Its aroma brings to mind a touch of citrus fruits. The subtle aroma of hops is revealed ever so delicately.

La Messagère is here to spread the good news! Enthusiasts of gluten-free products will be delighted to learn of the availability of North America’s first gluten-free beer, brewed from rice and buckwheat.

The owners of the microbrewery had become keenly aware that people affected by problems relating to celiac illness needed a beer that would answer their special requirements. Three years of research and development in this regard have resulted in an unqualified success; and we are now greatly pleased to introduce to you this completely new gluten-free beer, La Messagère.


Gluten-Free Beer

We use the method of assay Elisa to to determine the presence of gluten. This process is internationally renowned as a very precise  measurement.

Chemical test results:

Gluten: 0.00 g/L

Tested by Maska Laboratories inc.
All the laboratory analyses are done according to the A.S.B.C. approved methodologies.