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Our Gluten-Free Beers

We use the method of assay Elisa to determine the presence of gluten. This process is internationally renowned as a very precise measurement.

Chemical test results:
Gluten : 0.00 g/L
Tested by Maska Laboratories inc.

All the laboratory analyses are
done according to the
A.S.B.C. approved methodologies.

Messagère is
a limpid and crystalline pale ale, with a bouquet of honey, reminding a touch of citrus fruits. Gluten-free beer.
4.7 % alcohol

Messagère Red Ale
is a gluten free rice and buckwheat beer with a delicate, woodsy taste.
5 % alcohol

Messagère Millet
is a gluten free malted millet lager beer.
4 % alcohol

Place of gluten-free cereal fields for your gluten-free beer.

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Our Beers

Ambrée de Sarrasin
is a clear, sparkling, light copper beer, crowned by a thick and long tasting head of small bubbles.
5 % alcohol

Blonde d'Épeautre
is a clear and bright golden ale tending to orange
and the effervescence created by the bubbles, gives it a spicy taste.
5 % alcohol

Claire Fontaine is
a rice and barley ale. It is pale, sparkling and refreshing.
4.5 % alcohol

Nouvelle-France Rouge
is a barley malt beer with a hint of citrus and hazelnut.
4.5 % alcohol